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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I do not think this would be so soon, details about the Apple TV, but here we go. Gene Munster, Apple analyst reiterated his belief that Apple is preparing to launch a television in 2012.

Munster made the comments in the ignition of Business Insiders: Future of the press conference this morning. Gene is so sure that the Apple TV is getting told anyone thinking of buying a new TV to wait really, because Apple TV is going to be awesome.

Here are some details:

Gene believes that the Apple TV is a TV with full rights, not an external device such as the current Apple TV you have to connect to your TV.

This is because Apple thinks that people hate to external devices (and Apple is obviously right, but still be surprising if people are willing to pay a huge bonus for an Apple TV just to avoid the connection Gadget of $ 100).

Apple TV gene is believed to come in a wide range of sizes, unlike most Apple products, which are one size fits all. Part of Apple's goal here, Gene says, is to attract young fans of Apple who can not afford or do not have room for a 50-inch flat screen.

Gene believes that Apple TV will be priced at twice the prevailing market price for a normal TV: $ 1,600, for example, for a TV of similar size from another manufacturer that could cost $ 800. (If this is indeed the case, Apple will be able to preserve their extraordinary profit margins).

The magic of the Apple TV, Gene says, will be a seamless integration with other Apple devices and service. The TV comes with a standard remote control, but also be able to control your iPhone or iPad or through Siri. May also be downloaded from the console and games, content, etc., from iTunes, the App Store, and i cloud.

Apple TV, Gene says, will be the first television that thinks like you do. Instead of trying to remember what the ESPN channel, for example, you just start (or say) "ESPN".

You still have to have a subscription cable and cable box, Gene says, because Apple does not have enough content otherwise. But all you have to do is screw the cable co-ax in the back of the TV.

Gene believes that Apple will release their televisions for the holiday season this year
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