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Blogger Tips for Google Adsense

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Adsense tips are very important for bloggers. If you are new to Adsense, may be irritating to know how to get more clicks. If you have a little more traffic, it's easy to make money with Google ads. More income means you get more clicks for your ads. So some are wondering how to get more clicks. So I thought to share some great tips on how to make money with Google Adsense. I hope this will help you increase revenue from Google ads.

Adsense Tip 1: Find the right keywords to your content.
You have to check the destination of keywords. You can use some keywords analyzer and find the right keywords for your content. (,

Adsense Tip 2: Improve your keywords.
You can improve relevant ads to get keywords. Get the key tool tips AdWords. If you want to know about AdWords, click here

Adsense Tip 3: Use the right ad format
* 336x280 large rectangle
* 300x250 medium rectangle
* 160x600 wide skyscraper
* Do not use chain without ads.
468x15 Use under your post title or header. Click here to read this. When creating Adsense ads, the ads background color to match the background color blog. Choose the color of the same sources. So it helps to show your ads, without departing from its entry in the blog.

Adsense Tip 4: Choose the right place for the ads
I suggested to keep the top post Adsense. Because they have good CTR. However, you want to keep the bottom of the page of Adsense, you can keep the first few ads on the page and check where you will get more click and choose the best place and keep the ads. Do not use more than 3 ads on your message. Other things that are, you can save list of links under the post title. (468x15). Placing ads in your message.

Adsense Tip 5: You can continue
* Follow the policies of Google Adsense, which will help you gain more
* You can block low paying ads filters. Use
* Make a rich content to your blog.
* Write new message each day, that helps you get more visitors.

Adsense Tip 6: Do not allow
Do not try to change ads manually.
Do not try to click on your ads and ask your friends to click your ads.
Do not use AdSense for popup ads.

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