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10 old girl gave as baby in Colombia(Video)

Friday, April 6, 2012

A young girl in Colombia, believes that it was 10 years old, came to the hospital and gave birth without any care in advance, surprising many in this country and around the world. Although details are sketchy history, the girl allegedly entered a local hospital, bleeding profusely and with a huge pain, reported Impact of Univision Primer.

The report gave birth to a baby 51/2-pound. The delivery was the first time I had seen a doctor during pregnancy. As the story spread quickly has horrified people around the world, little is known about the identity of the girl, the baby's father or how such a young girl got into an adult situation.

The members of the community have reportedly remained silent on the girl child.  The mother reportedly does not understand much about motherhood and does not want to nurse your baby.

According to the report, it is part of the Wayuu tribe, which may be immune to the laws of Colombia.

Sadly, it is a growing problem for the tribe, said an expert.

"We've seen similar cases Wayuu girls," Ephraim Casadiego Pacheco, director of the hospital where she gave birth, told RCN Radio News, the Huffington Post reported. "At a time when [the girls \] should be playing with dolls, they will have to take care of a baby. It's outrageous."

The young mother is not the first preteen giving birth.

Last year, a Mexican girl of 10 years old gave birth to a baby. And in August 2010, a Mexican girl of 11 years old, had a child after being denied an abortion by the local Justice Department.

In Colombia, abortions are mostly illegal unless there is a threat to life or health of women, if the fetus is severely deformed or the pregnancy is the result of rape, according to a 2006 law .

That law was passed after an 11-year-old had to go to court to get an abortion authorized.

She had been impregnated by her stepfather.

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