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Sri Lanka's Killing Fields 2 - Unpunished War Crimes (Video)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

 (GENEVA Island) - Editor's note:, has not hesitated to take a prominent place in the war in Sri Lanka and the massive ethnic cleansing that left up to 160,000 Tamils ​​missing and dead in the summer of 2009. This article from The island is the point of view of the government of Sri Lanka. There is little in common between most of our items and the history of this, however, it is important to allow our readers a view from the other side and the article is totally correct that the terrible wars in the Middle East by U.S. and the UK, should also receive the same scrutiny.

The leaders of Sri Lanka Killing Fields "will broadcast another documentary, unpunished war crimes" on March 14, coinciding with the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) session in progress. Sessions range until 23 March.

The documentary directed by Callum Macrae propaganda occurs productions London-based ITN, which produces telecast of Sri Lanka killing fields for the first time in June last year. Is expected to be broadcast at 10.55 pm on Channel 4.

The UK-based Channel 4 News' presenter Jon Snow, who had presented "the killing fields of Sri Lanka" will present the second part as well.

Government sources told The Island that the measure is expected in the wake of the United Kingdom, USA and the EU is going full steam in Geneva conspiracy, where the U.S. plans to move a resolution aimed Sri Lanka towards the end of the session 19.

The group led by the United States and guardians of human rights, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the Global Crisis Group is citing "the killing fields of Sri Lanka" as evidence of war crimes committed by the army of Sri Lanka. Government sources said that "war crimes unpunished," now could add to your arsenal. After transmission of the documentary, the UK, U.S., EU and those involved in the peace declarations lucrative industry of Sri Lanka condemns issue, sources said. The U.S. is expected to deliver the judgment to the HRC after the release of documentary propaganda, claiming accountability from top political leadership, the sources said.

Sources said that for those who hope to raise funds, Sri Lanka strongly that seemed the most easy to do. They noted that the Canadian branch of Amnesty International has recently received $ 50,000 from the front of the LTTE, the Tamil Canadian Congress, in exchange for his role in the current campaign against Sri Lanka. Here in Geneva, Amnesty International was criticized for accepting money from a known LTTE front.

The bombing of the latest propaganda is also expected to be shown at the UN in Geneva, New York and the House of Commons and the European Parliament. The sources said that the C4 repeat those arguments, including the deaths of more than 40,000 Tamil-speaking people.

Delegation of the Government of Sri Lanka said that the British media could begin to investigate atrocities committed by U.S. forces and the United Kingdom since the 9/11, based on revelations by the whistleblowing website leaks Wiki the last two years. Unlike the accusations, the British media was based, Wiki leak had exposed wires classified military and diplomats dealing with the atrocities committed by western forces. In fact, you should first investigate the delay by the United Kingdom to complete research on the war in Iraq for almost a decade after the invasion of oil-rich country, falsely claiming that the Iraqi government to manufacture weapons of mass destruction (WMD) The delegation of the Government of Sri Lanka, said.

Responding to a question, the delegation of Sri Lanka said that the Western powers and a part of the international press had created the impression that Iraq was about weapons of mass destruction to justify developing the invasion, the then Mr . Annan was later declared illegal. The delegation said that the operation of the media in the UK was just a lie led Sri Lanka. The delegation compared the operation of the media with the participation of the Western powers and a section of the press to the media campaign to attack Iraq. The Government of Sri Lanka urged Channel 4 documentary faithfully following for carefully reading the British intelligence dossier released on September 24, 2002 and pave the way for the invasion in March the following year. The complete file is available on the Internet now and could be evaluated by any person, the sources said.

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