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Sri Lanka reject gather support for UN resolution

Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 3, Geneva: Sri Lanka hopes that the country would be able to gather enough support to defeat a UN resolution expected to be filed against the country at the 19th Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva.

The head of the delegation of Sri Lanka, President's Special Envoy for Human Rights, Mahinda Samarasinghe, Minister says several members of the HRC states have expressed their support to Sri Lanka to reject the US-backed resolution, Norway and other countries Western Europe.

The resolution is being pressed Sri Lankan government to implement promptly the recommendations of the internal panel, Lessons Learned and Reconciliation (LLRC), and against accountability for war crimes allegedly occurred during the final phase of the battle with Tamil Tiger terrorists.

Sri Lanka says the government is taking steps to implement the recommendations and methodical LLRC that needs time and space to work towards reconciliation without interference from the international community.

Minister Samarasinghe said that the delegation has held talks with Member States of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) in Geneva, and was assured of their support.

"The non-aligned members and the group of 53 Islamic nations have already spoken in our favor," the minister told the media.

In Friday's session of the UNCHR, the OIC welcomed the continued commitment of the Government of Sri Lanka for reconciliation through the establishment of a mechanism for national reconciliation.

"We strongly believe that Sri Lanka should have the time and space to pursue their national genuine efforts to achieve this objective, without external pressure," said Pakistan on behalf of the OIC.

China and Russia, two powerful states of the Council have also supported Sri Lanka, emphasizing that Sri Lanka should be allowed time and space to continue its efforts of reconciliation without interference as Western nations.

"China appreciates the commitment of the government of Sri Lanka for the national reconciliation process. China is of the view that Sri Lanka should be given time and space for the national reconciliation process, free from external pressures. Any help the community international community should be provided only with the consent, "said a member of the HRC to China at the Council on Friday.

Sri Lanka's Permanent Representative to the UN mission in Geneva, Ambassador Tamara Kunanayakam yesterday informed the Council of Sri Lanka measures adopted to implement the recommendations LLRC.

She said the government has made significant progress in implementing the recommendations LLRC, and the Council that nearly 95 percent of the 290,000 IDPs have been resettled, and all but a detention center were closed and more than 10,000 former combatants have been reintegrated into society.

With regard to accountability, Ms. Kunanayakam said the Sri Lankan Army and Navy have been named to two Courts of Inquiry and Investigation Commission.

He emphasized that most of the international community supports the efforts of Sri Lanka and its position that an internal working mechanism should not be circumvented by the interference to its conclusion.
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