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How to using search engines to find Better keywords to promote their products?

Monday, March 26, 2012

There are some little-known methods can be used to build a list of highly optimized keywords and increase your online sales. I'd like to share four of these methods to help you find keywords your competition is lost - some new methods that will help capture additional search engine traffic. Following these four steps will put you in the right way to build your business online.

 Know your market

Research your niche market well - knowing your customers well is the key to the formation of an effective keyword list. During the investigation,

1. Make notes of keyword phrases that might be effective.
2. Join special interest groups online and offline.
3. Subscribe to newsletters of your competitors.
4. Visit the forums relevant to your niche market.

Once you have thoroughly familiar with your niche market, it's time to make an effective keyword list seriously.

With pencil and paper, brainstorm possible keywords and keyword phrases. Just let your mind run wild and capture all possible. The list may be narrow or broad - anything from a six-word phrases relevant to your niche product. An example in the niche of weight loss would be "weight loss" as a broad keyword phrase, and a narrower phrase such as "free goods daily weight loss."

 DISCOVER effective keywords

Try these different methods to expand and add variety to your list of keywords:

1. Misspellings - With a little lateral thinking, you can go with any spelling errors in your niche market, misspellings like "lose weight" can pull a lot of traffic.

2. Authors' names or product - by adding an author name or product name to your list can gather a surprising number of researchers near the end of the buying cycle.

3. Appealing to today's "what I want and I want it now" mentality - Remember the reason many people use the Internet is their desire to meet an immediate need. They can not even wait until tomorrow to immediate use words like "stop", "now" or "fix".

4. Informational Text - You should know that not everyone will plan to purchase online, but want to visit your site anyway. To attract this type of traffic, you can add words like "how ...", "homemade" or "free guide".

 Sort list on AIM to focus

 Start by dividing your keyword list into three types of visitors:

1. The buyers - the highest quality traffic available because at the end of the buying cycle and can get to make a purchase. It is unfortunate this high quality is also the lowest volume. The words used by buyers are the words of money referred to above and also product names or author.

2. Applicants for products - such traffic is higher, but lower quality, since they are not really the same as buying the group above. This group knows about your niche and are looking for a product that will improve their lives, but still do not know what products are available. The keywords in this group are very similar to information seekers, but lean more toward solving immediate problems and recognizing the need for help.

3. Information Seekers: This group is the lowest quality traffic, but also has the largest volume which means that it is easier to attract many visitors. The keywords used here will be broader and more general. These phrases more or less wide usually have more competition, so you should focus on long tail keywords that are more focused, but have less competition. With experience, you will be able to use your natural intuition to recognize key words "money". Spend some time studying the performance of the search engine for your targeted keywords, attract traffic control through the use of tracking statistics, enhance, modify and experiment.

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