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24 clubs in the country voted against Sri Lanka, cast, while for 15 in Sri Lanka

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Global News - Ending a long battle for more than 03 weeks in Geneva, the U.S. sponsored resolution in Session 19 of the Human Rights Council, was voted accepted with 24 votes in favor, 15 against and 08 abstaining, leaving the government of Sri Lanka now mandated to work in conjunction with the Human Rights Council.

The effort of the government of Sri Lanka on Wednesday to stop the resolution being taken to appeal to vote for all the countries with the non-aligned movement, arguing that this resolution at the above numbers would create a dangerous precedent, had no serious response from member countries of most of the other and the vote was held 16:00 Sri Lanka time today (March 22)

Sources in Geneva, said the change of mentality in New Delhi, is the substance of the resolution won the extra votes he needed to go through and links the government of Sri Lanka to the United Nations system to monitor the implementation of LLRC recommendations.

The resolution now joins the SL government to present a comprehensive program "as quickly as possible" with information about what he had done so far on the recommendations LLRC and henceforth would on your application and also alleged violations of international law.

What I really resent the SL government these days, but now have that honor is the intervention of the Office of Human Rights Council (OHRC) in providing advice and technical assistance in the execution steps, the SL government include in its implementation program.

Politically, it is now to see how the SL government to reconcile this new international link with its base of voters who have moved against the U.S., Brittain, India and the Human Rights Council and in particular head Navy Pillai, who is scheduled to visit Colombo in May this year.
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