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Whitney Houston hotel guests require reimbursement

Monday, February 20, 2012

U.S.: became his stay at the Beverly Hilton the day that music legend died. And now guests of the luxury hotel where Whitney Houston died are demanding their money back after their stay was ruined.

Many of them say their trip became unbearable as the emergency services, media and fans descended on the hotel after the news on the icon was found dead in the bathtub in a room on the fourth floor.

But the hotel has so far refused to customer request a refund or a discount on what they paid. They were told to file a formal complaint through the process on its website and issued a statement.

"Given the extraordinary nature of the events of last Saturday night, The Beverly Hilton took every precaution to protect the privacy of the family of Houston, as well as hotel guests who may have been affected by the incident," said a hotel spokesman.

"The hotel has fully cooperated with the police in Beverly Hills which included securing the fourth floor to ensure the safety and welfare of all guests.

Sad: A makeshift memorial was created outside the hotel for the fans who mourn the loss of music icon

"The hotel regrets any inconvenience that may have occurred in the immediate aftermath of Saturday's events."

TMZ reports that several of the guests who were on the same floor Whitney and his entourage had stayed at the time was restrictive, because the police are strict hold on the comings and goings of everyone present.

Apparently, he was harassed guests asked about their key cards hotel security at all times to prove that they actually stay there and not want to take macabre fans a look at what was happening. And with the emergency services of police, forensic and other around the hotel, guests upset that it was impossible for them to enjoy their stay or sleep. Farewell: Whitney's funeral was held yesterday and will be buried in a private burial today.

Daily Mail
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