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"Self-guided" U.S. engineers create bullet hit 1.6 km away from destination

Thursday, February 2, 2012

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (AP) - Engineers from the United States (USA) have invented a bullet that goes to a small target like a missile and can reach 1.6 km away goal, a laboratory, announced Tuesday.

According to engineers at Sandia National Laboratories, money bullet and re-guided laser to a point indicated. You can make corrections up to thirty per second in the air, authorities said.

Sandia technical staff member Jim Jones said he believes the bullets of .50 caliber machine guns that work well with the military, so that soldiers could reach his mark quickly and accurately. "We tested powders to see if we get the muzzle velocity of military interest," Jones told KRQE-TV.

Tests have shown that the bullet can reach speeds of 730 per second. The researchers said they were confident that the bullet could reach speeds military standard as gunpowder.
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