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Whitney buried beside his father

Monday, February 20, 2012

USA: Whitney Houston was buried beside her father in a brief private ceremony today.

Supporters gathered along the funeral route in New Jersey to pay their respects to the star who died at the age of 48 years.  
His coffin was carried in a hearse with gold red and white roses placed on the roof, with family and close in the wake behind the car the same color.  
Fans and onlookers watched the caravan will make its way from the funeral to the cemetery in Newark about 20 miles away in Westfield.

The hearse with the body of singer Whitney Houston arrives at his burial in Fairview Cemetery The hearse with the body of singer Whitney Houston arrives at his burial in Fairview Cemetery Getty

Some slowly ran alongside the hearse, which had a black and white image of the star in a window.

hearse carrying the body of singer Whitney Houston arrives at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield hearse with the body of singer Whitney Houston arrives at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield AP

Houston is immersed in the bathroom of his hotel room on the fourth floor of the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles last Saturday. She was buried next to his father John, who died in 2003.

Some of the biggest names in the music industry gathered yesterday to bid an emotional farewell to the singer at his funeral in Newark, New Jersey.

Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, R Kelly and a host of stars of the Gospel out for three hours and 45 minute ceremony, while the actor Kevin Costner fought back tears as he gave a moving eulogy.

Alicia Keys performed at the funeral of a personal tribute to Whitney Houston: Alicia Keys performs at the funeral of Whitney Houston

Houston described Keys, 48, as an "angel" and a "beautiful man" while Costner, who starred with Houston in The Bodyguard, described it as "the greatest pop star in the world."

Kevin Costner Whitney Houston paid tribute to his funeral with a eulogy reflective

His biggest hit, I Will Always Love You, was interpreted as the marathon service in New Hope Baptist Church, where he acted as a child, came to an end.


Whitney Houston hotel guests require reimbursement

U.S.: became his stay at the Beverly Hilton the day that music legend died. And now guests of the luxury hotel where Whitney Houston died are demanding their money back after their stay was ruined.

Many of them say their trip became unbearable as the emergency services, media and fans descended on the hotel after the news on the icon was found dead in the bathtub in a room on the fourth floor.

But the hotel has so far refused to customer request a refund or a discount on what they paid. They were told to file a formal complaint through the process on its website and issued a statement.

"Given the extraordinary nature of the events of last Saturday night, The Beverly Hilton took every precaution to protect the privacy of the family of Houston, as well as hotel guests who may have been affected by the incident," said a hotel spokesman.

"The hotel has fully cooperated with the police in Beverly Hills which included securing the fourth floor to ensure the safety and welfare of all guests.

Sad: A makeshift memorial was created outside the hotel for the fans who mourn the loss of music icon

"The hotel regrets any inconvenience that may have occurred in the immediate aftermath of Saturday's events."

TMZ reports that several of the guests who were on the same floor Whitney and his entourage had stayed at the time was restrictive, because the police are strict hold on the comings and goings of everyone present.

Apparently, he was harassed guests asked about their key cards hotel security at all times to prove that they actually stay there and not want to take macabre fans a look at what was happening. And with the emergency services of police, forensic and other around the hotel, guests upset that it was impossible for them to enjoy their stay or sleep. Farewell: Whitney's funeral was held yesterday and will be buried in a private burial today.

Daily Mail

Private funeral Saturday for Whitney Houston

Saturday, February 18, 2012

USA: Pop diva Whitney Houston will be buried on Saturday after a private funeral in the Baptist church in New Jersey where he grew up singing in a gospel choir. Fans of Houston, who died on Saturday only 48 years old, be denied the chance to say goodbye at a mass rally, as the singer's family has apparently decided against holding a public funeral two days in a Newark sports arena.

"The service will be held Saturday 12 noon (1700 GMT) in New Hope Baptist Church," said a spokeswoman for the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, which was handling arrangements for the burial of Houston, told AFP.

Houston was found unconscious in his bathroom, on Saturday afternoon at the Beverly Hilton, as preparations were being made for the Grammy Awards, the highlight of the music industry calendar. The doctors could not revive her.

Houston, which had one of the greatest singing voices ever, and sells over 170 million records, fought a long and public battle with substance abuse after his career and personal life went off the rails.

Fans were waiting for autopsy results that can not be made public for up to eight weeks, as speculation rages that the legend of the song could have died from a lethal cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol.

The autopsy was completed on Sunday, but the results have been withheld pending the completion of a toxicology probe. Houston's funeral service will be held at New Hope Baptist Church, where he perfected his craft singing, and where his mother, soul and gospel singer Cissy acclaimed Houston, served as musical director for decades. Media reports said the plans had been reviewed by a public service - possibly at the Sports Arena at Prudential Center in Newark, a place that would have allowed thousands of fans from Houston to pay their last respects.


John Glenn reflects on the legacy of NASA space 50 years after the first orbit

In this Jan. 25, 2012 photo, Sen. John Glenn speaks during an interview at his office in Columbus, Ohio. Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth, piloting Friendship 7 around the planet three times in 1962. (Jay LaPrete / AP)

On February 20, 1962, Glenn piloted NASA's Mercury capsule, Friendship 7 called three times around the earth, matching the groundbreaking achievement of the rival Soviet Union, which launched cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin into orbit 10 months before .

UN General Assembly to vote today on Syria

UNITED NATIONS: The UN General Assembly will vote today on a new resolution calling on Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to end deadly attacks on civilians, diplomats said. The resolution made by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which was given to members on Tuesday, also expressed support for the plan of the Arab League to end the repression of 11 months in Syria and calls for the appointment of a special envoy UN.

The move comes after Russia and China vetoed a Security Council resolution of seconds on the crisis in Syria on 04 February, because he said he was "unbalanced." Russia and China are expected to oppose the new text, but no one can veto resolutions in the 193-nation General Assembly, despite having less weight. Diplomats said the move was almost certainly will happen.

The vote is scheduled for Thursday at 3:00 pm (2000 GMT).

"Let's see if this new text makes more or less than the 133 votes he got the first resolution," adopted on December 19, said one diplomat.

This measure, denounced human rights violations in Syria, where activists say more than 6,000 have died since the protests against Assad's government erupted in March.

"That will be the measure of success, but this time, the content is more of a political nature," the diplomat said on condition of anonymity.

An Egyptian diplomat said his country which chairs the Arab group in the Assembly wanted to see a vote on the resolution "as soon as possible." The draft resolution does not refer to an Arab League request for a joint peace mission to the United Nations, which is fulfilled in some Western capitals with caution.

The Security Council has not adopted any resolution on the situation in Syria. Russia and China also vetoed a bill in October.

The draft General Assembly is similar to that blocked in the Council.

The text "fully supports" the Arab League plan "to facilitate a Syrian political transition led by a plural, democratic, political," however mention Assad by name or the plan for him to hand over power.

Petition calls for "ethics" Apple iPhone

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Korea Herald / ASIA AP) - An online petition urging Apple to monitor working conditions and practices of foreign manufacturers for their next iPhone 'iPhone ethics first. "

SumOfUs advocacy group released a request to Apple to "make the iPhone 5 ethics", referring to the use of companies like Foxconn company in China that have been criticized for treating its workers, CNET reported Tuesday.

The petition, which said SumOfUs attracted more than 35,000 signatures within 24 hours, Apple asks to "review the way its suppliers treat their workers," before the release of its next smartphone model.

Foreign manufacturers supply many U.S. companies with its high-tech products have come under fire for labor of the working poor and security problems.

Over 100 dead as cold grips Europe pressure

WARSAW (AFP) - A cold snap in Europe kept their grip of ice on Thursday, bringing the death toll past 110 countries from France to Ukraine struggled to cope with temperatures reaching record highs in some places.

Another nine people were killed in Poland during the night when temperatures fell below 32 º C in the south-west, bringing the death toll to 29 from the freezer began last week, the national police said.

In Ukraine, tens of thousands of people have turned to shelters trying to escape the icy Emergencies Ministry said it has killed 63 people.

More than 30 people have died in other parts of Europe due to the drop of mercury from the beginning of the supplement, according to an AFP count.

"Self-guided" U.S. engineers create bullet hit 1.6 km away from destination

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (AP) - Engineers from the United States (USA) have invented a bullet that goes to a small target like a missile and can reach 1.6 km away goal, a laboratory, announced Tuesday.

According to engineers at Sandia National Laboratories, money bullet and re-guided laser to a point indicated. You can make corrections up to thirty per second in the air, authorities said.

Sandia technical staff member Jim Jones said he believes the bullets of .50 caliber machine guns that work well with the military, so that soldiers could reach his mark quickly and accurately. "We tested powders to see if we get the muzzle velocity of military interest," Jones told KRQE-TV.

Tests have shown that the bullet can reach speeds of 730 per second. The researchers said they were confident that the bullet could reach speeds military standard as gunpowder.

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