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Thai Prime Minister joins national celebrations of India days

Saturday, January 28, 2012

India: Prime Minister of Thailand, was the guest of honor Thursday at the 63rd celebrations of India's Republic Day, an annual exhibition of the country's military could be held amid tight security.

Yingluck Shinawatra, who traveled to New Delhi on Monday, is making his first official visit to promote trade, the Asian partners expect to double to U.S. $ 14 million in 2014 from its 2010 level.

Shinawatra, who became prime minister of Thailand, women, in August, was sitting with Pratibha Patil, the first woman president of India and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, as bands and war material presented last.

On Wednesday, Thailand and India agreed to accelerate talks for a bilateral free trade agreement in July.

Patil, in a speech on the eve of the celebrations said the endemic poverty in India was a concern despite robust economic growth of the country, echoing recent comments by the prime minister.

"We are witnessing the growing influence of India and its sustained economic growth, but there are many important tasks that have not been met, in particular the commitment to empower the poor and marginalized," he said.

During the ceremony, India put on display for the first time its Agni-IV missile, which can carry a nuclear warhead of one ton to a target of about 3,500 kilometers (2,170 miles) away.

The two-stage Agni-IV, the last test in November 2011 as part of a program in India to build an arsenal of weapons including nuclear warheads, intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The national ceremony flypasts later culminated in the United States and built the C-130J Super Hercules, supplied by Russia Sukhoi 30, MiG-29 fighter planes, British-made Jaguar bombers and military helicopters.

India is improving its army more than a million hardware with tens of billions of dollars due to their long-standing tensions with regional rivals China and Pakistan.

Some 25,000 police, soldiers and commands for monitoring capital against possible attacks by militant groups, while the skies were a no-fly zone for the duration of the celebrations, authorities said.

Last September, 12 people died and about 80 people were injured when a powerful bomb exploded in the fortified Delhi High Court in the heart of the Indian capital. The troops were also in force in the streets of India-administered Kashmir to try to prevent protests by separatists groups often use the occasion to denounce the government of New Delhi.


U.S. falls to 47 in ranking of press freedom after the repressive Occupy

U.S.: protests sweep the world did an extremely difficult year for the media, journalists and tested as never before, the annual report on press freedom reveals.

The annual report by Reporters Without Borders has been released, showing the United States fell 27 points in the list due to numerous arrests of journalists covering the wall occupy the street protests.

The fall of the United States placed just behind the Comoros and Taiwan in a group with Argentina and Romania.

Reporters Without Borders said further unrest around the world led to a major reorganization of the annual index of press freedom group, which assesses the commitment of governments to protect press freedom.

The Paris-based Reporters Without Borders has called "repression" of the word in 2011 on an assessment of global press freedom during a year in which the journalists covering the protests radicals were tested as never before.

The nongovernmental organization that seeks to defend the freedom of journalists to work and fight against international censure.

Despite the great changes, some remained constant. The country with the largest media freedom in the world is Finland, followed by Norway, Estonia, the Netherlands and Austria. Eritrea was the last, with North Korea over.

The United States was not alone in falling grades, Bahrain dropped 29 points due to the repression in that country.

Egypt and Syria, also fell a few points to languish at the bottom of the pack (166) and (176), respectively.

The group considered that Syria, along with Iran and China, "seem to have lost touch with reality, as they have been sucked into a spiral of madness of terror."

Pakistan was the world's deadliest country for journalists, and Eritrea was the last in the list of the press in general freedom.Syria where there has been an uprising against the government met with a brutal crackdown that has left over 5,000 dead , received the worst rating in 176 time.

In Afghanistan (150) and Pakistan (151), journalists remained under constant threat from Taliban extremists, religious, separatist movements and political groups. With 10 deaths last year, Pakistan was the world's most dangerous country for journalists during the second year in a row.

Daily Mail

Canadian teenagers are sent to space Lego man

Two Canadian teenagers have sent a Lego man in the confines of Earth's atmosphere using a home sewing parachutes and equipment found on Craigslist.

Two weeks ago, Mathew Ho and Muhammad Asad, both 17, attached the plastic figurine full of maple leaf flag a helium balloon, which sent 80,000 meters in the air.

The couple managed to capture the entire journey in the darkness of space, including the decline, which lasted 97 minutes, with four cameras, at a total cost of just £ 254.

Spend four months on Saturday in the project, young professional weather balloon launched from a football field. Then rose to more than double the height of the cruising altitude of commercial aircraft - about 24 in the upper atmosphere where the curvature of the Earth can be seen.

After you have connected a GPS receiver to the Styrofoam box to carry cameras and Lego-naut, the two managed to retrieve the package attached to a hand-stitched by parachute from a field of 122 kilometers of the launch site.

According to the Toronto Star, which broke the story, the two met in high school after Mohammed's family had emigrated from Pakistan. Muhammad, who spoke no English, soon became a friend of Ho and began working on the project in Ho's home last September.

"People came to the house and see us building this fantastic thing with a parachute from the beginning, and it would be like, 'What are you doing?'" Says Ho. "We want to be like, 'Let's send the camera in space." That would be like, 'Oh, okayyyyy ...' "He said.

Astrophysics Professor Dr. Michael Reid of the University of Toronto, praised the children, saying: ". It shows a huge degree of talent for 17 years to accomplish this by themselves is pretty impressive."

Lego sent a congratulatory note. "We are always surprised by the creative ways that fans of Lego use of our products, and humbled by the number of places that seem innocent, as attached to a helium balloon in space ...", the company said brand relations director, Michael McNally.

Germany wants the EU to control the Greek budget

The source added that the proposals of the European institutions already operating in Greece should be given "some power of decision" on fiscal policy.
Germany is pushing for Greece to relinquish control of its budget policy to the European institutions as part of discussions on a rescue package secondly, an EU source told Reuters on Friday.
"There are internal discussions within the Euro Group and proposals, one of which comes from Germany, how to deal constructively with national aid programs that are continually out of track, if this can be simply ignored or if we say that is enough, "said the source.
The source added that the proposals of the European institutions already operating in Greece should be given "some power of decision" on fiscal policy.
"This could be made even more harshly by external experts," said the source.
The Financial Times said it had obtained a copy of the proposal showing Germany wants a new euro area, "Budget Commissioner" to have veto power over budget decisions taken by the Greek government if they are in line with the objectives by international lenders.
"Given the disappointing performance so far, Greece has to accept change budgetary sovereignty at European level for a period of time," said the document.
According to the German plan, Athens only be allowed to carry out the normal state spending after debt service, said the FT.
"If the future (rescue) tranche is disbursed, Greece can not threaten its creditors with a default value, but will have to accept cuts in primary spending as the only possible consequence of any disbursement not," the FT quoted the document as saying.
German demands for greater political control over the Greek budget comes amid intense negotiations for one second to EUR 130 billion rescue package for Greece, which has repeatedly failed to meet the fiscal targets set for it by its creditors international.
Chaotic default threat
Greece needs to reach an agreement with creditors over the next couple of days to open your next package of aid to avoid a chaotic default.
"No country has submitted a proposal in the Eurogroup," said a Finance Ministry official Greek condition of anonymity, said the government formally declined to comment on reports based on unnamed sources.
German demands tend to provoke a strong reaction in Athens before the elections scheduled for April.
"One of the ideas being discussed is the creation of a clearly defined priorities in reducing the deficit through legally binding guidelines," the EU source.
He added that in Greece the problem is that many of the budgeting process is done in a decentralized manner.
"Clearly defined, legally binding guidelines that could lead to greater consistency and facilitate decision-making - and which help to give a new momentum to efforts to implement the program," said the source.
"It is clear that the talks on how to help Greece get back on track on the right continues," the source said. "We're all trying to achieve a long-term stabilization of Greece," he said. "That is the focus of what all of us in Europe are working on right now."

UN council set to discuss about Syria

UNITED NATIONS: The Security Council was scheduled to discuss the crisis in Syria yesterday, where Western and Arab nations could make public its draft resolution that condemns deadly government crackdown, diplomats said.

The unexpected meeting was announced by the French diplomacy after representatives of the five permanent members - Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States - met Thursday at the new resolution.

consultations yesterday were called by Morocco, an Arab member of the current 15-nation body that has been unable to agree on a resolution on Syria since protests broke out in March.

"A draft resolution could be sent to all members of the Council tomorrow," said a Security Council diplomat.

A new resolution strongly supporting the Arab League initiative to end the crisis in Syria has been drawn up by Britain, France, Germany and Arab countries, including Morocco and Qatar.

Supporters of the project hope for a vote next week. Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi of Qatar and Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al-Thani is to inform the Council on Syria on Monday or Tuesday.

The Arab League has called on President Bashar al-Assad to release the powers of a deputy to elections can be held in Syria, where the UN says more than 5,400 people have died.

Russia and China used its veto power as permanent members of the board to block a European resolution in October.

Russia has proposed from its own resolution, but have hardly been negotiations on the offer that Western countries have called unbalanced.

"This would be the response of a number of countries for the resolution of Russia and the right of veto in October," said a Western diplomat, referring to Friday's meeting and the new project.

The draft resolution, obtained by AFP, "condemns the continuing grave and widespread violations of human rights" and makes a new call for an immediate end to government repression.

If the current project agrees, saying the council "fully supports" the plan of the Arab League on January 22, which calls on Assad to deliver power "to facilitate a political transition to a democratic pluralistic politics." The draft resolution refers to sanctions that could be opposed by Russia and China.

The resolution "taking note" of the Arab League economic sanctions ordered on 27 November and "encourages all states to adopt similar measures and to cooperate fully with the League of Arab States in the implementation of its measures." Russia and China vetoed the resolution because the European past said it was part of a campaign for regime change by the West. They have said they oppose any hint of sanctions.


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