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U.S. Police arrest protesters occupy Denver

Thursday, December 22, 2011

U.S.: U.S. police have arrested nine protesters occupied in Denver, the capital of the central state of Colorado, and dismantled their camp, which was set on fire during the riots.
The police arrested on Tuesday during a confrontation with protesters anti-corporatism, said police spokesman Lt. Matthew Murray Denver.

Not immediately known who torched the camp, set up by protesters in Civic Center Park outside the Capitol building in downtown Denver.
Once the police pushed protesters back, firefighters extinguished the fire and "public works crews" dismantled the camp, he said.

In recent weeks, police have dismantled occupy camps in cities and towns in the U.S., harshly attacking and arresting dozens of demonstrators.

The anti-Wall Street protest in Denver was one of the camps for the last time a major U.S. city as part of an occupied country movement. The protest movement, which gave voice to the cries and complaints of the people against poverty, unemployment, war and corporatism, first started in Spain before gaining fame in the U.S. and then moving to other countries
In recent weeks, police have dismantled strongly protest camps in New York, Los Angeles and many other cities, while the site of the Denver protest has continued to draw protesters despite freezing temperatures and repression the police.

Since October, the police attacked the camp of Denver three times and the protesters removed from the site, but came back. However, one protester said Occupy the latest clash was more "tense" than before.
There have been 5425 arrests during protests in 94 cities Occupy U.S. until December 12, according to San Pedro de la Paz, a group affiliated to occupy St. Petersburg, Florida.
Occupy Wall Street movement began when a group of protesters gathered in the financial district in New York on September 17 to protest the unfair distribution of wealth in the country and the excessive influence of large corporations on policies USA. Press TV
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