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U.S. Police arrest 62 protesters occupied the protesters

Friday, December 9, 2011

U.S.: Police arrested 62 protesters Wednesday as supporters of lobbying from Wall Street Occupy objective to promote the interests of U.S. companies in Washington, the corridors of power. Undeterred by the constant rain, more than 1,000 protesters - many of them union activists - closed several blocks of K Street, the epicenter of the industry of the U.S. capital influential and lucrative lobbying, around noon.

The police, including a trio riding, intervened when several dozen protesters sat or lay on wet pavement in the streets 14 and K, and refused to yield to the threat of arrest for obstruction of public roads.

"This speaks well of America," one of the rain-soaked protesters, Kelly Caldwell, Portland, Oregon, sarcastically shouted as police officers with long yellow coats put the handcuffs and dragged him to a waiting truck.

Sixty-two people were arrested, a spokesman for the Washington Metropolitan Police told AFP. Details of the charges they face were not immediately available.

Closure of K Street Wednesday came a day after protesters backed by unions and civic groups occupied the offices of House and Senate on Capitol Hill as part of a three-day dominate the action of the Capitol. Washington is home to two separate camps open protest, both near the White House, inspired by Wall Street and condemning Occupy social inequality and corporate influence on U.S. policy.

Joining them this week has been a camp style People on the National Mall, consisting of about 15 tents - in view of the Capitol - erected by protesters from different parts of the United States.â

Prominent in the Take Back the Capitol protest is the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which represents health and public sector employees and supports President Barack Obama for another term in office. AFP
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