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Sri Lanka named as Six Best

Friday, December 2, 2011

National Geographic Traveler magazine, the island country's heritage sites, wildlife, lush landscape and beautiful beaches Lauding, world travelers in 2012 among the top six places in the name of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, Traveler in its November / December magazine writes, resplendent island, and marvel at the fact that almost kiss the southeastern tip of India, Indian Ocean, the pear - shaped by the island's natural character marks.

In the hill country of Sri Lanka's stunning scenery, tea plantations, and ancient Buddhist temples offer. NAT Geography

Heritage sites in Sri Lanka travel magazine and its colonial history also notes: Portuguese and the Dutch system of proxy wars waged here, by 1802 the island was a British colony.

It opens the door to increased tourism, which in 2009 was able to defeat the LTTE against the terrorist group, refers to the successful completion of the recent conflict.

Today peace prevails, said Traveler.

Travel to Sri Lanka in 2009 compared to 52 percent increase in 2010, has grown beautifully. An even larger increase is expected by 2011 in all.

The highest number of tourists in Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority is expected to reach $ 2.5 million during 2015, a 30,000 hotel - the room has outlined a plan to achieve the capacity. Special attention and tourist-related industries has increased service levels.

More recently, such as Starwood (Sheraton), Marriott, Shangri La and Taj Hotel Chains than that of Sri Lanka announced plans for new construction. Renovation of existing hotel and meeting so many. Sri Lanka will have wide white beach, the mountain vistas, offers visitors a variety of unique locations, elephants, leopards and more, rolling tea gardens, spas, adventure tourism, surfing and wildlife parks teeming ancient UNESCO World Heritage sites. However, in Sri Lanka, where many see a list of a New York Times earlier this year, since 2010 a number of favorable reviews of travel.

National Geographic have also raved about Sri Lanka, its 2010 first missions, and includes many popular tourist sites in Sri Lanka.
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