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South Korea to crack down on prostitution in Australia

Sunday, December 4, 2011

S. Korea: South Korea, where Korean women to stop prostitution and human trafficking to a boom in Australia to help the investigation should be sent to a state prosecutor, said in a statement Friday.

Seoul city's prostitutes, smuggling rings broken by Australian authorities to try to bring women together to work on the house which forms part of a crackdown, Yonhap news agency reported.
"Australia, the Korean government's stance that we seize this opportunity to eradicate prostitution of women is widespread," an unnamed senior foreign ministry official was reported as saying.

Representatives of government agencies including the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Justice and the South Korean Consulate General at Sydney airport last week agreed to a state prosecutor, said in a statement.

Statement of Foreign Ministry officials declined comment.

A Korean woman forced to work as a prostitute he tries to rescue an Australian man, Abraham, Papo, Chinese, Korean women arm prostitution in Australia in 2009 when the murder came to light.

About 1,000 South Korean foreign ministry official in Seoul as women, working holiday visa holders are allowed to stay up to one year in the country, in Australia, working in the sex trade. It is illegal for officials to report their own country, since this drastic action, or Australia, Japan and South Korean sex workers are not displaced.

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