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Nature at its wildest:The shocking images showing polar bears are cannibals - and even eat the bear cubs

Sunday, December 11, 2011

They are known to be ruthless murderers. But this scene shows polar bears, even attack and eat their own kind, even if it is a helpless puppy.

Photographer Jenny Ross captured the striking images and at first thought the bear was eating a seal when approached by boat.

There was another polar bear near, and Ross thinks that could have been the mother of the puppy.

Surprisingly, this behavior is becoming more common among bears, according to a study by Ross.
"As soon as the adult male noticed a boat coming toward him, he basically came to attention - He straddled the young bear's body, to reassert control over it and pass" this is my food, "said Ross.

"He then took the note in its jaws and simply using the power of your jaw and neck, carried on an ice floe to another. And finally, when I was at a considerable distance, stopped and fed the bodies.

It has been known that polar bears are killed - and sometimes eat - their own kind for some time. However, the behavior seems to be increasing.

Ross research is published in an article in the journal Arctic, "During the disintegration and melting in the summer, the area of ​​sea ice in the archipelago of Svalbard is denied at a fraction of all winter, and in many areas disappears completely. "
"As the area of ​​sea ice that polar bears can be used in the reduction of hunting, the seals become less accessible to bears, and therefore bears reduces the hunting success probably."
"Therefore, at this time of year, young polar bears may represent a potential food source for adult men. As the climate continues to warm in the Arctic sea ice is melting earlier in the summer, the frequency of such intraspecific predation may increase.

As Ross approached, the bear stood up to assert dominance "over the body - and alert the bear of stealing 'food'

"On Earth, they are looking for human garbage and human food, which are beginning to attack the marine birds and their eggs," Ross told the BBC. "None of the other foods can keep."

"Previous to another bear is a way to get food, is probably a relatively easy way for a large adult male. It seems that due to the circumstances of the loss of sea ice - the kind of behavior may become increasingly common."

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