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Microsoft to open "App Store" in February

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Windows store opens in late February when Microsoft releases a test version of its next-generation operating system Windows 8.

It will take Apple and Google in the booming market program of fun, hip or functional built for smartphones, tablets or computers.

"I think we'll do great," Windows Web Services Vice President Antoine Leblond said as he gave developers a preview release and store it in an art gallery in San Francisco.

"The scope of Windows is absolutely huge and can not be matched," he said, noting that the Microsoft operating system powers more than half a billion computers worldwide.

Independent developers understandably focus their limited resources to programs for platforms that offer the most potential customers, and Windows does not exceed gadgets Apple and Google Android in this regard.

"There are more Windows PCs (personal computers) that there are cars on the planet," said Leblond. "The number is staggering."

However, Windows has a meager presence when it comes to smartphones and tablets, where third-party applications such as games are usually purchased.

Applications written for the Windows platform Store will work on all devices powered by Microsoft software, which means programs can be downloaded on smartphones or tablet computers as they hit the market.

Microsoft declined to discuss reports that the tablets based on Windows 8 are under development.

Store for Windows was launched as an optional welcome to Apple App Store, with its applications through a rigorous selection process and sometimes enigmatic before approving them for virtual shelves.

"Today, one of the most frustrating things for building applications are the constraints on the way you can do and what you can sell," said Leblond.

Apple requires applications for iOS devices to perform financial transactions such as subscriptions or sales in-house, with the iPhone, iPhone, iPod and Macintosh computer manufacturer taking 30 percent of income.

Store for Windows platform will be mechanisms for in-app purchases, but developers are free to choose the methods of processing financial transactions, according to Leblond.

"Developers create applications to the App Store only to have Apple stand between them and the client while taking 30 percent," he added.

"We will not get in the way of your application and your business model," said Leblond.

Microsoft demonstrated Windows applications from the renowned British newspaper The Daily Telegraph and eBay auction online titan that processed payments or subscriptions with their own tools.

"This is not an application you may have about the iPad," Leblond said, referring to the program Daily Telegraph.

"Apple would sit between them and their customers and take a cut of 30 percent, we will not do."

Store for Windows will allow developers to set their own prices for applications in a range of $ 1.49 to $ 999.99 "because a thousand dollars is just too much for an application," he added.

The online store will also support free applications that make their money from advertising.

Microsoft will take 30 percent of revenue from sales of applications. After selling an amount of $ 25,000 for an application, the developers rises to 80 percent.

Developers get to keep all the money transactions of the application.

Leblond has calculated that the cost recovery of $ 50,000 to develop a small typical application would require 0.01 percent of computer owners purchased the software on Windows.

"It's nothing," he said. "It is easy." Store Windows feature only free applications when it opens in February. Developer Information is available online at
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