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The End of the World in 2012 ? (Video Attached)

Friday, December 2, 2011

The world would be destroyed with the coming on 2012.12.21 said, scientists have predicted. But it's not possible for them to express their opinion against opinion, confirmed by now.

Research undertaken by Sven Gronemeyer about Mayan calendar, 1300 years before this prophecy is found in the inscription. But the scenario that we are mistaken, gives an explanation.

A Germany, Australia Central American Civilization at the University of La trope is explored further.

YOU REALLY HATE MANKIND, because you show at the end a moon like rock hitting the earth and blowing it to bits, one asteroid killed all the dinosaurs millions of years ago but you know all life on this world didn't die because if it did we the human species wouldn't exist today. even though this film is just make believe there are millions of people who are getting a bit nervous about 2012 and SHOWING FILMS LIKE THIS DOESN'T HELP THEM AT ALL .YOU WANT THE WORLD TO END! YOU HATE HUMANS

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