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Do you know to earning more Money at Online ?

Friday, December 2, 2011

If the question is what extra income on the internet site, many of us will give an answer as Google or Facebook. However that is not true. Net income in the Amazon site. Is to expand.

One study conducted by an independent company with the usage information.
Here is a list of companies receiving money from the company's study:

1. Amazon
This site allows you to buy items online. This is an online marketplace for buying items, $ 776.66 per second. The total annual income is $ 24,509,000,000.

2. Google
Google in the Internet world has been in contact evarumilar unknown. Its annual income is $ 23,650,560,000. A second is $ 749.46.

3. Comcast
Earning a third place at this site is on the list. Annual income is $ 8,727,360,000 of this site. Earn an average of $ 276.56 for a second.

4. ebay
In this online shopping site like Amazon, the website will help make the sale. $ 8,727,360,000 for the second year also, it also earns $ 276.56.

5. Yahoo
This is a very popular site on the Internet. Its annual income is $ 6,460,000,000. Second is an average of $ 204.71.

Home base is $ 3,400,000,000 for the second year in revenue, income and receive $ 107.

7. AOL
$ 99.41 on the second floor, $ 3,137,100,000 in annual income to the policyholder.

8. Expedia
For those who visit this site to be useful. Information on buying tickets several times and thus learn from the aircraft. This site provides an annual income $ 2,937,010,000. Income is $ 93.07 for a second.

9. Paypal
To transfer the money online that everyone knows about this site. To transfer money around the world, this is the most popular and useful site. $ 2,900,000,000 per year, according to the site earn $ 91.90 per second.

10. iTunes
On the tenth position in the list of Apple iTunes site. $ 60.21 for a second income from this site. Apple takes $ 1,900,000,000 for the year of income received through this site.
Favorite Facebook much, and the space 16 in the list. Its annual income is $ 1,000,000,000. $ 31.69 per second.
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