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A comparison of the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) and other global markets

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Throughout the world, trading in shares of companies based in or operating in their areas, there are a number of regional stock markets. Some of the major markets in the United States' New York Stock Exchange, the Japanese stock market, and also includes Hong Kong and Indian markets. It's big gains for investors to do business as a small market, the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) said. Here, we in Sri Lanka and other major world markets are trying to create a basic comparison between the CSE.

An analysis of market trends in graphic form, CSE major markets showed that prices have not been subject to several major drops. In fact, the key index used to measure the performance of the market shares, all shares price index, the market has enjoyed over the past year shows that nearly steady climb.

And do it before it shoots out CSE tops and slightly upward trend showing that there is high all the time now. There are approximately 126 percent increase over the current year. This is growth that is unparalleled in other world stock markets. The rapid growth of their investment, investors are looking to see what the market potential of this development should be happy.
Than they were this time last year in all markets will be slightly higher, the growth is very slow. Successes and making a day and the next, usually large corporations or the governments of countries located in the financial data published in these markets and in many cases still are losing market
For example, in the Japanese market, the Nikkei key index is a sign. Over the past 12 months, the index during the same period last year, only 15.45 percent of the gross profits are amassed. Than 26.40 percent of the market that is growing in the United States.
28.34 percent and 54.99 percent respectively in Hong Kong and India in the past 12 months as the stock markets of the host location. Most financial analysts do not see this often in such a short time indicates that the big victories. Still, CSE development regulations, outperforming all of them.

In other markets, which are nowhere near as many shares are traded every day in the CSE is true. However, those who invest in this market in the world's major markets are enjoying high returns on their investments than those that trade is a fact.
Basic research in Sri Lanka and the Colombo stock market investing course and consider some of the bears have a strategy. All calculations indicate that the current growth trends continue for the foreseeable future. Most stocks are traded in this market are immune, or other safety conditions that cause stock prices fell in large markets. The Colombo stock market, a high growth market and is a safe investment.
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