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Channel 4 executive who died was "intimidated by his bosses

Thursday, December 8, 2011

United Kingdom: A high-flying executive of Channel 4 a drug overdose after being "systematically intimidated" by his bosses, a coroner heard yesterday.

The father of Sarah Mulvey said she had suffered from stress due to the unpredictable and aggressive "work situation.

TV executive, 34, makes programs like ten years younger - Brat Camp and How To Look Good. Sarah Mulvey was found dead by her boyfriend at their home after the North London, she took a drug overdose

After difficulties at work she sought treatment at £ 10,000 a week, retired Causeway.

But the Oxford graduate went into serious decline in the clinic of Osea Island, Essex, used by stars such as Amy Winehouse. It is believed that while staying there, she obtained the drugs she later used to kill himself.

Sarah Gillett boyfriend Mark found dead in their £ 350,000 2 bedroom rented flat in Hampstead, north London, in January last year after she took an overdose.

When asked why she had gone to the Rehab floor, his father, Dr. Mulvey, a mathematician at the University of Sussex, said: "She was always intimidated by his bosses at Channel 4.

Dr. Mulvey said Sarah was suffering from stress since early 2008 due to the "work situation unpredictable and aggressive" she felt at Channel 4. Daily Mail
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