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Canada Renews Opposition to Kyoto vows Costs

Monday, December 5, 2011

DURBAN, South Africa (AFP) - Canada confirmed Monday he would not sign new commitments under the Kyoto Protocol, a cornerstone of the fight against global warming.

"Canada has made it clear this year that Canada will not make a commitment to a second Kyoto period," Environment Minister Peter Kent said in a briefing to reporters on the sidelines of Canadian negotiations on global climate in Durban.

"Our fixation, our commitment is to Copenhagen and Cancun agreements, he said referring to agreements which, unlike the legally binding Kyoto curbs on greenhouse gas emissions, promote a voluntary approach.

"We believe eventually a new agreement that includes all major emitters in the world both in developed and developing world is the only way to materially reduce megatonnes annually so that we can work to prevent global warming reaching or exceeding two (degrees). "The goal set by a core group of countries at the Copenhagen Summit in 2009, rough, and supported at the climate conference last year in Cancun, Mexico, set a goal of limiting warming to two degrees  .
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