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Bart Heller Facebook message reveals the shocking crime incident

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Before killing himself, U.S. Bart Heller Indiana man killed two innocent people. To ensure that the authorities find the bodies, Bart Heller posted on his Facebook account the following message: "Somebody call 911. There are three bodies at the following address, 3229 Lima Road Fort Wayne Indiana. I killed Ryann, Erin and me. people were warned not to play and **** me ruin me. listen.sorry not on their fate. "(scroll down to Bart Heller suicide, the death message posted on Facebook)

The terrible message was seen by a friend to man, on Facebook, who alerted the police. Security forces arrived in 20 minutes in the direction indicated in the message, but unfortunately no one was saved.

The victims were Bart's ex-girlfriend and a fellow of the girl who happened to be in your home.

The social network Facebook subsequently deleted the message sent by Bart.
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