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Bandit OAP May Be Young In Disguise

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The FBI says serial bank robber known known as the "Geezer bandit" can not be a retiree, after all.

The elders of look thief is thought to be responsible for 16 robberies in California over the past two years.
He has always been described as between 60 and 70, and has even led to an oxygen supply, along with his gun during some of their thefts.
However, after the last hold-up of the FBI says there is no evidence that he may be someone much younger than wearing an elaborate costume.

"The thief was described as someone who appeared to be an elderly white man, but may have been wearing a mask-like and synthetic gloves to hide their true physical characteristics," the FBI said.
Detectives are reviewing security camera images and to question witnesses and bank staff after the last robbery in San Luis Obispo.
They have also recovered an agenda that the thief had been carrying. It is now being examined in the FBI crime lab in Quantico, Virginia.
"After leaving the bank, a security dye pack received by the thief broke, causing the thief to drop the agenda. The smoke and dye red dye package covers the thief and the money.
"Video surveillance shows the thief fall on his knees in an attempt to gather some money and possessions. After collecting what he could, the thief ran across the parking lot of the bank."
FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said the speed with which the "Geezer" could escape does not match your apparent age.
The "Geezer bandit" attracted something of a cult following initial theft. A Facebook page created for the fans now has 12,000 followers and sells merchandise "Geezer".
However, his frequent use of death threats and a willingness to produce the gun he carries is of concern increasing the detectives.
The FBI has offered a reward of $ 20,000 (£ 12.750) for information leading to his capture, but have warned the public to be considered "armed and dangerous."
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