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Armed attacks and explosions in central Liege, Belgium! Two dead and dozens others injured

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

At least two people were killed and 47 injured (including a child), on Tuesday in the center of Liege (Belgium southeast), when four men allegedly fired shots and threw explosive devices and grenades, announces the Belgian media.
An initial assessment revealed a dead, suspect that a person who threw the grenade, and ten wounded. However, the number of injured victims raised. Liege police confirmed the incident.

Clutter is chaotic and there are conflicting reports about the exact number of attackers.

According to preliminary information provided by witnesses, a man about 40 years, would have thrown a grenade into the courthouse. Some other explosive attack after being thrown into a bus stop at the Place Saint-Lambert. Many people found that there were four explosions.

Shots were also heard when a guy seems to handle a Kalashnikov gun fired on a bus.

The news agencies of Belgium stated that the attacks took place in the Place Saint-Lambert, the main square of Liege, where the courthouse, near a busy Christmas market.

It was reported that police arrested a second attacker, while a third is still battling security forces. The fourth gunman allegedly escaped from the place of attack.
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