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Woman suspected of cooking husband

Friday, November 25, 2011

Chopping his body into parts and try to get evidence against it is boiling, on suspicion of murdering her husband, a woman arrested in Pakistan.

Zainab Bibi, 42, an alleged sexual assault of his 17-year-old daughter to marry him because she killed her husband, Ahmed Abbas, officials said.
She attended the sleeping pills in his tea before dismembering him and strangled him with rope and sedated her husband, police said.

A bad smell coming from the neighbors complained about his house and then they discovered that her claim of conspiracy.
Bibi is a 22-year-old nephew, Zaheer Ahmad, Abbas and dismembering the body was arrested.
Shah Faisal police station where he was Pakistan's ARY news, from his cell that Bibi said: '. He dared to touch my daughter before I kill my husband? '
Who is on the ground floor of a two storey house alarm, Bibi is the owner of Green TownBehzad, and grew up.
He went on to complain that he is a very bad cooking smells upset coming from upstairs. 

"It occurred to me that I had to stop odor, spices spices and cooked in the areas of the body. '

'I made ​​a ditch, throwing things, it was a plan to do from there: But she added, as a result of food to eat, or others insisted it was not for food. I want to tell people that spoil it. '
He actually put his hand on Bibi is a drunk, but he admitted that when asked about her matters, Mr. Abbas was forcibly stopped on several occasions, according to his daughter.
An aluminum body and the body was found on Mr. Abbas.

Woman suspected of cooking husband by CNN_International
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