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To establish an international celebrity kissing controversy

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Italy, the famous 'Penitent' apparel company in the advertisements have some serious controversy.

Catholic religious leaders in an advertisement for the Pope to kiss lips to lips with one of the Egyptian Imam has such a display.

In another ad, the American president, Barack Obama, Chinese President Hujintavovum lips, as it is.

And Obama, like Hugo Savage Kiss, Kiss, as Sarkozy and Angela mare, North Korean leader Kim Jonkum as South Korean President Mayunkum Kiss ads on the company.

"UNHATE" (unanimous), the company developed the tone of These issued by the Graphics Art.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyaku Similarly, the Palestinian leader Mohammed Abbas, head of the kiss, the company produced the ad.

These advertisements are the main areas of Italy, maintaining, and plans to take over the world.

These ads are now up to much controversy.

Denounced for the photograph was used by the Pope for the ENEMA.

Many countries have also condemned it said.

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