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Saudi women have to hide it with sexy eyes

Friday, November 18, 2011

Act now worn by women in Saudi Arabia wearing purdah eyes can not

In Saudi Arabia women can not go outside without putting purdah. But I know they have to wear the purdah.

If the magnetic eyes of others claiming to attract the attention of women, to prevent it from now on I do not get out of purdah has announced on Friday the country's moral aniyumaru insulation and prevention of bad feelings.

Fox News reported that masr pikya About the website as saying,

Visible in the eyes of the public to attract the attention of women to wear purdah order that is right for the group Save the morality, the evil intentions to disrupt the group's spokesman Sheikh motlap al nape.

Saudi women in purdah in public places should not be without. If any such penalty, corporal punishments, such as charged.

Stronger ethics, evil thoughts and disrupt the group started in the 1940s.
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