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Jackson doctor gets 4 years in Jail

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Los Angeles: involuntary manslaughter, a judge sentenced him to star in three weeks after his 2009 death, a maximum of four years in prison Tuesday for Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray.

"He has no remorse," Judge Michael Pastor severe contraction after a 58-year-old lawsuit against the doctor, said.

"Dr. Murray said that a monk there. Dr. Murray that there are phantom. He is the man. He is a man. He is sentenced to death another man," Pastor said.

But he said: "Michael Jackson, who died because he was not an isolated one off incident or event, as Dr. Murray directly because they died in such circumstances as a whole .."

Scheduled for January 23 - Judge Murray Jackson, he agreed to pay restitution to the estate and the children, but that amount will be stated by the hearing.

When he died, he was a singer back in case the planned 50 concerts - performances have made a series of lost earnings of $ 100 million to compensate for the Jackson family, I asked Murray.

Murray, in an attempt to help him sleep, Jackson was the most powerful medical anesthetic, propofol, November 7 involuntary manslaughter for allegedly administering a heroin overdose.

Two months before her death that she agreed to star Medic Drug.
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