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Hacking, E-mail to the police case in Srilanka

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The system, when using mobile phones and other electronic devices have been violating the law of cyber crime in general is now the Department of Criminal Investigation (CID) can express.

Cyber ​​crime and associated CID, 0112380380 and 0112422176 or send an e-mail dig.cid @ oic.cidcom @ or can inform you about the related activities.

To deal with cyber crimes and increased the counter number, CID forensic laboratories and the Internet has created. CID has already established a Cyber ​​Crime Lab and a digital forensics laboratory.

Department had already arrested the suspects and the courts have produced a number of Internet crimes, has investigated about 100 cases.

The Computer Emergency Response Team under the Cyber ​​Crime Laboratory ICTA (CERT) was established in 2007 with assistance. The handling of 2007, the computer hacking, unauthorized access to any individual 24 involved, under the Computer Crime Act not, without authorization data, corrupting and destroying the collection must be taken into custody.

The cyber crime, national security, economics, and offenses against public order and criminal breach of trust that are screened against the crimes.

In many countries, the importance of confronting the government during the period identified in the laboratory it is very poorly established.

Conducts online digital forensics investigation to identify and track down suspects CID. They identify suspects of crimes and conducting online investigations and computer forensics.

In Sri Lanka, to the Computer Crime Act was passed to deal with this and will take legal action against cyber crime, there were no laws. Most victims are young women, according to CID.

Crimes that target computer networks or devices primarily for computer viruses and denial - of - service attack, and ends Cyber ​​- stalking, fraud, identity theft, information warfare, and phasing scams (SD), including the advance of computer networks, or devices that include the use of
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