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Entrants who applied for DV-2013.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

There are various types of immigrant visas can qualify for a green card to apply, however, the green card lottery All the best, is very expensive. Diversity Visa (DV) than the other,

One of the main advantages of the DV program, which is a United States that are not funded Other major immigrant visas require a petition filed by a sponsor in the United States, who can be relatives, Boss, LPR (Legal Permanent Resident) or other eligible announced by United States Department of State to apply.

A legal citizen of the United States and is aimed to provide a lot of work has been worth trying.
Green card lottery applicants who can plan They are also a wife and a DV lottery enrolling children below age 21 years. Diversity visa to live and work in the United States provides a right for you. If you have time and language / system is capable of
, According to the rules of application for a green card Green card processing services that help you use it is recommended that a contact In their green card applications around the world.

Required to apply for a green card is not the same for all immigrants. Different types of visa are eligible cases and controls. When you apply for green card, green card application online you are confirmed by The Diversity Visa Immigrants are applicable.
Annual submission of plans that offer visa services, visa applications and product co-signing to follow Time / You do not have the skills to be a big help.

Confused about the different form types and the best methods to apply the greed card
Assistance of a qualified professional. You can fill the forms properly trained  professional without errors. DV controls and design necessary to ensure that they used the photos as complete without errors. By seeking the help of a professional, you can avoid rejection of the application silly errors to be avoided. Some advisory services provide air tickets for lottery winners Come and work in the United States found that their services, as well as the assistance was used.

The green card is an interesting, though, once you do, you can not leave the United States, including
Fear of losing your citizenship status. Of course, you have your green card in 10 years time to renew or transfer of United States law are to be compulsory.

When you get a green card, you can apply for government grants, and you. You can post your own job to do in the United States. Your property, gardens, houses, vehicles, and can not buy. When you meet the necessary conditions and your children, you must be qualified social security benefits Can easily obtain a green card. Even after your death, your family can continue to work and live in the United States with their
As a green card. Insurance than those in use, simple and cheap green card holder becomes Other immigrant visas.

You can vote for a green card, except the privilege of a common United States Citizenship All rights suffer.
You can clean a green card holder records from a number of years, if you, application process to apply for naturalization as a United States Citizen follows the guidelines set up an exclusive. Residents also have the right to vote nature. Naturalization status it enjoys great moral character. There is a long list of words and it is a smart move If your visa application process smoother and less garbled sign with services.

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