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Egyptians flock to historic poll

Monday, November 28, 2011

Egyptians in a new parliament has to vote in large numbers in a largely peaceful day.

Former President Hosni Mubarak at the polling station was overthrown in February became the first free and fair election and to vote according to the Egyptians million tankiyiruntana open at night.

Democracy campaigners in Cairo and run - a long history of voting and electoral violence, deadly clashes in other cities about a week because of fear that they could be caught in unrest eventually lead to the polling stations.

But even in attendance, the Supreme Court Committee on Elections, reported a surprise leader Ibrahim Abdel Moez was high.

Fortunately, he "should have appeared in large numbers of people. More than that predicted." He said that

Complaints about ballot boxes in some polling stations open late at night tankiyiruntana later.

But so far no formal election in which Rick Mubarak - the style is to buy votes in a campaign statement or

Voting stations across the country, fears unrest around the 2 km long lines, voters appeared to be deterred.

There are 498 seats in the lower house. Directly in the third, two thirds have voted for the party from the list.

A few days is sometimes called by some candidates who can not form the government, they know that the new parliament is elected.

Title on the front pages of national newspapers simply "early" and "Egypt, give your vote" claim.

Out of the country's military ruler and his people are begging for votes.

But with the fear of security fears, drawn - out and complicated process of voting, there is only one representative in the parliament can decide to cause more chaos.

Mubarak's 30-year rule that ended the rebellion, after the political change in Egypt in the first nine months.

Frustration and lack of progress on democratic reforms that cost 42 lives on the bloody protests erupted last week.
 Violence than had been planned even before the military commission very soon, now expected in June, July, after parliamentary elections and presidential elections must promise to civilian rule.

Omar Makram school, Shubra, a working class neighborhood in central Cairo, the opening of polling stations for men and women at 8am (local time) before queued in separate queues.

"It was no use before the vote. Our voices were completely inappropriate," Mona Abdel Moneim, were voting for the first time in their lives, many women reported one.

In many polling stations to witness an administrative delay - time is running late because they wait for the judge overseeing the voters were voting.
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