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Britain is experiencing mass strike over pension reform

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

London - Teachers, hospital staff and border police, on Wednesday, more than 30 years, took part in Britain's first mass strike among workers facing a weakening economy and adds pressure on the coalition.

Up to 2 million public sector workers' unions before they retire, they'll spend more now that their pensions and jobs are protesting against the reforms.

The government needs to reform the long life and public service pension that is unaffordable.

Such as border control to stop the health care workers walked out, refusing to collect taxes, probably close to schools and services as diverse as ports and airports in chaos hit.

Because of their long flight delays and overcrowding because the strike fear in the passport control, London Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport on Monday reported on the cutting planes.

Some of the diplomatic staff of the house fly and volunteers from other departments to help strike border guards have to happen.

Reaction to severe economic forecasts on Wednesday, the Conservative-led coalition government in its austerity and deficit-reduction plan on the path to a dose that was needed.

Finance Minister George Osborne, a true estimate of job losses from 400,000 to 710,000 during the filming had already, in 2013 as a percent are capped, who sustained two-year freeze on public sector workers, said the pay rise.

"Unprecedented unity"

Brendan Barber, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, an umbrella group coordinating the strike, the workers, "a temporary sacrifice, but the acceptance of a permanent deep cut" that includes your salary and pension contributions will not be reported to the quality of life.

"The government will take such a stand against unfair treatment in unprecedented coming together in unity, it is no wonder that the abandonment of its total workforce," he said.

Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher to power a coalition of 30 unions that helped sweep the 1979 "winter of discontent" when you walk out of the first big step, to take part in the strike.

Picket lines and rallies and demonstrations organized by trade unions across the country and over 1,000 hospitals around public buildings and to the spring.

Controversy in countries with tighter budgets and the elderly population mirrors that in other European countries where Grappling.

Prime Minister David Cameron talks about pensions will run until the end of the year urging the unions to continue talking, "irresponsible" and condemned the strike.

Ministers insist that the unions who do not want to negotiate.

Unison, representing 1.4 million workers who are union leaders Dave Prentis,, unions need a solution, but failed to budge the government said Monday that further strikes could follow next year.
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