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Hacking, E-mail to the police case in Srilanka

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The system, when using mobile phones and other electronic devices have been violating the law of cyber crime in general is now the Department of Criminal Investigation (CID) can express.

Cyber ​​crime and associated CID, 0112380380 and 0112422176 or send an e-mail dig.cid @ oic.cidcom @ or can inform you about the related activities.

To deal with cyber crimes and increased the counter number, CID forensic laboratories and the Internet has created. CID has already established a Cyber ​​Crime Lab and a digital forensics laboratory.

Department had already arrested the suspects and the courts have produced a number of Internet crimes, has investigated about 100 cases.

The Computer Emergency Response Team under the Cyber ​​Crime Laboratory ICTA (CERT) was established in 2007 with assistance. The handling of 2007, the computer hacking, unauthorized access to any individual 24 involved, under the Computer Crime Act not, without authorization data, corrupting and destroying the collection must be taken into custody.

The cyber crime, national security, economics, and offenses against public order and criminal breach of trust that are screened against the crimes.

In many countries, the importance of confronting the government during the period identified in the laboratory it is very poorly established.

Conducts online digital forensics investigation to identify and track down suspects CID. They identify suspects of crimes and conducting online investigations and computer forensics.

In Sri Lanka, to the Computer Crime Act was passed to deal with this and will take legal action against cyber crime, there were no laws. Most victims are young women, according to CID.

Crimes that target computer networks or devices primarily for computer viruses and denial - of - service attack, and ends Cyber ​​- stalking, fraud, identity theft, information warfare, and phasing scams (SD), including the advance of computer networks, or devices that include the use of

The uproar caused by Trisha in Chennai

Unique Fashion show held recently in Chennai, Trisha participated in the event of the appearance attracted all the young people.

I see that scene in the film version of Bobby Girl require multiple eye.

Britain is experiencing mass strike over pension reform

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

London - Teachers, hospital staff and border police, on Wednesday, more than 30 years, took part in Britain's first mass strike among workers facing a weakening economy and adds pressure on the coalition.

Up to 2 million public sector workers' unions before they retire, they'll spend more now that their pensions and jobs are protesting against the reforms.

The government needs to reform the long life and public service pension that is unaffordable.

Such as border control to stop the health care workers walked out, refusing to collect taxes, probably close to schools and services as diverse as ports and airports in chaos hit.

Because of their long flight delays and overcrowding because the strike fear in the passport control, London Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport on Monday reported on the cutting planes.

Some of the diplomatic staff of the house fly and volunteers from other departments to help strike border guards have to happen.

Reaction to severe economic forecasts on Wednesday, the Conservative-led coalition government in its austerity and deficit-reduction plan on the path to a dose that was needed.

Finance Minister George Osborne, a true estimate of job losses from 400,000 to 710,000 during the filming had already, in 2013 as a percent are capped, who sustained two-year freeze on public sector workers, said the pay rise.

"Unprecedented unity"

Brendan Barber, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, an umbrella group coordinating the strike, the workers, "a temporary sacrifice, but the acceptance of a permanent deep cut" that includes your salary and pension contributions will not be reported to the quality of life.

"The government will take such a stand against unfair treatment in unprecedented coming together in unity, it is no wonder that the abandonment of its total workforce," he said.

Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher to power a coalition of 30 unions that helped sweep the 1979 "winter of discontent" when you walk out of the first big step, to take part in the strike.

Picket lines and rallies and demonstrations organized by trade unions across the country and over 1,000 hospitals around public buildings and to the spring.

Controversy in countries with tighter budgets and the elderly population mirrors that in other European countries where Grappling.

Prime Minister David Cameron talks about pensions will run until the end of the year urging the unions to continue talking, "irresponsible" and condemned the strike.

Ministers insist that the unions who do not want to negotiate.

Unison, representing 1.4 million workers who are union leaders Dave Prentis,, unions need a solution, but failed to budge the government said Monday that further strikes could follow next year.

Jackson doctor gets 4 years in Jail

Los Angeles: involuntary manslaughter, a judge sentenced him to star in three weeks after his 2009 death, a maximum of four years in prison Tuesday for Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray.

"He has no remorse," Judge Michael Pastor severe contraction after a 58-year-old lawsuit against the doctor, said.

"Dr. Murray said that a monk there. Dr. Murray that there are phantom. He is the man. He is a man. He is sentenced to death another man," Pastor said.

But he said: "Michael Jackson, who died because he was not an isolated one off incident or event, as Dr. Murray directly because they died in such circumstances as a whole .."

Scheduled for January 23 - Judge Murray Jackson, he agreed to pay restitution to the estate and the children, but that amount will be stated by the hearing.

When he died, he was a singer back in case the planned 50 concerts - performances have made a series of lost earnings of $ 100 million to compensate for the Jackson family, I asked Murray.

Murray, in an attempt to help him sleep, Jackson was the most powerful medical anesthetic, propofol, November 7 involuntary manslaughter for allegedly administering a heroin overdose.

Two months before her death that she agreed to star Medic Drug.

Barrel Oil Price for near $97

New York oil post-holiday, a low level of trade rose Friday after a see-sawing session, but was down slightly this week.

The crude oil benchmark of $ 96.77 U.S. a barrel to settle at 60 cents per hour increase. Thank you for the markets were closed for a holiday before the United States on Wednesday dropped by $ 1.84. Week, however, the oil lost 0.7 percent.

European credit crisis continues to undermine confidence in the continent to avoid recession next year, oil had fallen earlier.

London, January Brent crude for delivery ICE Futures Exchange to settle at $ 106.40 a barrel, fell by $ 1.38.

Fiscal austerity measures aimed at reducing debt levels in Europe and demand for oil will affect world economic growth last week, investor concern that helped drag crude back above $ 103.

From Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Ireland to undermine confidence in Germany and France, started to spread widely. Germany's 10-year bond yield for the first time in 2009, rose above the 10-year British government bonds. And Standard & Poor's on Friday downgraded the financial nilaiyaipparri Belgium, the country's government and a looming European recession due to a stalemate.

"The crisis in the euro area, even the most robust European economy is beginning to threaten the bond markets - Germany," Barclays Capital said in a statement.

In the United States, meanwhile, the average price of a gallon of gas a week from $ 3.38 $ 3.31 (87 cents a liter), has fallen to. A discount of two months ago, even heftier 20 cents a gallon compared to (3.8 liter) is. In fact, the holiday shopping season, driving from store to store on the first weekend in late winter from American shoppers use some of the gas, pay the lowest price.

Even with the recent decline, however, gas prices 44 cents a gallon higher than a year ago is Black Friday. Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at Oil Price Information Service, $ 488 billion Americans spend on gas this year, that path is. Eclipses the $ 40 billion record set in 2008. 7.9 percent of households in the United States until 2010 and 2008 OPIS 6.7 percent from 8.4 percent in the year of income spent on petrol as they reported last week.

National average of just $ 4 a gallon gasoline in May ($ 1.05 a liter) came down.

One reason for this is that the bustling shopping malls as shoppers use the cashmere sweaters, video consoles, tablet computers and flat-screen televisions to watch vilaikkuraikka. Re-invest their savings believe that shoppers use the retail pump. Kloza current demand, gas price for every 10 percent decline, Americans are spending another $ 36 million in total savings, he estimates.

Current demand for gas in the United States is Kloza says "surprisingly poor." Oil and gas prices of about $ 17 a barrel in the past two months, or even increased by 21 percent, the main reason why it is abandoned.

In other Nymex trading, heating oil and $ 2.94 per gallon and gasoline futures dropped 3.1 cents per gallon to $ 2.5205, after losing 4.45 cents. To $ 3.665 per 1,000 cubic feet of natural gas, added 5.7 cents.

Germany, France examine radical push for Euro Zone

Germany's original program, it's 17 euro zone countries, very tight budget constraints to impose, in preparation, 2012 Finally a definitive agreement to transfer all 27 EU countries in the agreement to try to preserve the - the region's defenses until the shoring is one way the credit crisis and against.

But in recent weeks in meetings with European Union leaders, it can not get on board that all 27 countries, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy is clear, concise report of the European Union.

It, too, that Italy, Spain and France is now the recommended changes in market demand for weeks after the attacks of a brave and safe can take a year or more.

As a result, senior French and German civil servants is an agreement among a mere euro zone countries, the purpose of being examined on the other.

"Union has a goal to create a common currency for their own determination and the focus is on member states," German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Sunday Ard television.

Another option being explored around 8-10 euro zone countries would involve a major contract outside the European Union is a separate agreement, officials said.

When they meet on Tuesday, the euro zone finance ministers met by a more pressing.

In the euro zone's bailout fund, the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), are prepared to allow a detailed operating rules, documents obtained by Reuters showed. [ID: nL5E7MR0UA]

Interest from the private and public investors, according to approved rules, EFSF increase resources and its co-investment funds in the coming weeks, attracted 440 billion euros in cash to clear the way.

The ECB must be rigidly Germany EFSF water supply or at the idea of ​​acting as a credit against the Spanish, Italian and French government bonds on the yields of all the away goals, the euro zone, will soon have a way of calming the markets to the euro lifetime highs.

Progress toward stricter financial rules, policymakers, investors believe that convinces. Schaeuble, a crucial decision that a firm can obtain more confidence in EU markets.

"It's a member of the euro zone, indicating that its budget discipline to do its homework. We deal with changes, to be sure," he said.

Radical overhaul

Reuters French and German officials, especially the smaller euro zone and fiscally feasible to establish an integrated and a radical overhaul of the European Union were discussing the plans that were announced on November 9.

"Germans. Made up their minds to change their contract and doing everything they can to push it as quickly as possible," a senior European Union official involved in talks, Reuters reported. "A senior German officials at every European capital on the phone all day there."

, The credit crisis on the gain is the only way - is jointly issued by the euro-zone bonds to pave only force acting European Central Bank more leeway in this - German and French finance union toward moving a hope that some other euro zone countries that goal very quickly move unable or unwilling there.

Besides, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, the European Union / International Monetary Fund's aid received, but Italy and Spain and Slovakia, some Eastern European countries, or the current economic situation is difficult, Germany wants the budget constraints to find, or simply need to aim not comply.

As a result, French, German, after the folding of the contract at the best possible deal for the EU, euro zone countries are exploring a number of very rapid integration of at least two samples.

The two models

A more Schengen III, prospective, open to any member state, and then 5 and 7, who was adopted by EU countries and Norway, countries outside the European Union but the contract is a contract signed in mid 2005 Pruem Convention is based.

Another option along the lines of other euro zone countries have signed the 1963 Elysee Treaty entirely French, German and Mini - to deal, officials say.

"Seriously discussed the options and things that we talk too, are moving very quickly," Reuters reported that the European Commission met on the discussions.

The original aim of a European Union leaders summit in Brussels last year, when it meets on December 9, before you set out to outline a contract stating that.

Euro zone and rapid fiscal consolidation is needed, highlight, in the past two weeks the two speeches made, it is a 'two-speed Europe' emerges as the inevitable must be accepted that one of Sarkozy, another special address to is due on December 1 on, he and Merkel emerging as a more detailed out who can provide feedback on a stage.

A senior German government official, no secret, France, German, denied there were negotiations, but the two countries and stressed that the best way possible to reach agreement on how to analyze and saw it and insisted on the need for change.

"Germany and France will be presented at the December EU summit to focus on a limited contract, the plans continue to change," the official said that the need to act quickly to get changes in place, said.

When they reached a state of emergency ECB buying bonds is intermittent style of fighting in the euro zone. The wave of economic and market return, but the central bank should act more aggressively, and Germany, suggest that such activity is against. In the euro zone governments to cover the structure of financial regulations, there may be concerns that need to change tack.

"The Securities and run off if it's true that even the European and world financial system stability fatally. ECB decided to bold action, of course, requires" Peter Bofinger, a German consulting five "wise men" an economy, government, the Irish state broadcaster RTE reported.

Financial integration among euro zone countries and in tight Reuters lot can be achieved if the ECB more room to maneuver it to buy government bonds and euro-zone officials on Friday reported a similar potential.

Rapid integration of the euro zone and European Union officials, through a contract with a sideline in the lower 17 states about applying too much pressure on the rest of the cast may want to warn that there are very clear about its determination to push France and Germany should be enough.

If they sign a deeper integration could be left behind in some countries, threatening, fearing it would leave it exposed them to market pressures, not to say that a country can be.

"You hear some of the postures in this area - soon to change the deal under pressure from Germany," said an official involved in negotiations.

"To some extent that has been put on the table to see these ideas are part of bargaining chips." 

Increase naval Missions by Iran

Iran: Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari announces Iran’s plans to increase its presence in international waters.He said Iranian submarines will remain in international waters and their missions will continue, IRNA reported on Monday.Rear Admiral Sayyari said it is Iran’s right to be present in these waters like any other nation.

In June Iran’s Navy deployed the Younes submarine in the Red Sea for the first time to join the countries operating in international waters.According to Sayyari, three domestically-built Ghadir submarines also joined Iran’s naval fleet this week. The Iranian fleet currently has 11 Ghadir submarines in service.

Iranian naval forces are conducting active patrols in international waters, the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea region and the Indian Ocean. Iran has made important breakthroughs in its defense sector and attained self-sufficiency in producing important military equipment and systems over the past years. Tuesday, Press TV

Egyptians flock to historic poll

Monday, November 28, 2011

Egyptians in a new parliament has to vote in large numbers in a largely peaceful day.

Former President Hosni Mubarak at the polling station was overthrown in February became the first free and fair election and to vote according to the Egyptians million tankiyiruntana open at night.

Democracy campaigners in Cairo and run - a long history of voting and electoral violence, deadly clashes in other cities about a week because of fear that they could be caught in unrest eventually lead to the polling stations.

But even in attendance, the Supreme Court Committee on Elections, reported a surprise leader Ibrahim Abdel Moez was high.

Fortunately, he "should have appeared in large numbers of people. More than that predicted." He said that

Complaints about ballot boxes in some polling stations open late at night tankiyiruntana later.

But so far no formal election in which Rick Mubarak - the style is to buy votes in a campaign statement or

Voting stations across the country, fears unrest around the 2 km long lines, voters appeared to be deterred.

There are 498 seats in the lower house. Directly in the third, two thirds have voted for the party from the list.

A few days is sometimes called by some candidates who can not form the government, they know that the new parliament is elected.

Title on the front pages of national newspapers simply "early" and "Egypt, give your vote" claim.

Out of the country's military ruler and his people are begging for votes.

But with the fear of security fears, drawn - out and complicated process of voting, there is only one representative in the parliament can decide to cause more chaos.

Mubarak's 30-year rule that ended the rebellion, after the political change in Egypt in the first nine months.

Frustration and lack of progress on democratic reforms that cost 42 lives on the bloody protests erupted last week.
 Violence than had been planned even before the military commission very soon, now expected in June, July, after parliamentary elections and presidential elections must promise to civilian rule.

Omar Makram school, Shubra, a working class neighborhood in central Cairo, the opening of polling stations for men and women at 8am (local time) before queued in separate queues.

"It was no use before the vote. Our voices were completely inappropriate," Mona Abdel Moneim, were voting for the first time in their lives, many women reported one.

In many polling stations to witness an administrative delay - time is running late because they wait for the judge overseeing the voters were voting.

UN urges end to flogging of Maldives women

COLOMBO: UN Human Rights chief Navi Pillay has urged the tiny Islamic republic of the Maldives to stop publicly flogging women for having extra-marital sex, a news report said Friday.

Pillay said the Indian Ocean nation’s government had progressed in safeguarding the rights of its population of 330,000 Sunni Muslims, but more needed to be done to protect women, who were still discriminated against.
“A powerful illustration (of discrimination) is the flogging of women found guilty of extra-marital sex,” the Minivan news agency quoted her as saying during a visit to the archipelago on Thursday.

“This practice constitutes one of the most inhumane and degrading forms of violence against women.”
She said flogging should have no place in the legal framework of a democratic country and urged the authorities to work to stop the practice immediately, the news agency said.

Flogging is normally handed down as a punishment by village chiefs who also act as local judges. A cane is used.
It is unclear how many women are flogged for sex outside marriage each year, but Minivan said that out of 186 people sentenced for flogging in 2006, some 146 were women.

The Maldives, better known as a luxury tourist destination, adopted multi-party democracy in 2008 with the election of President Mohamed Nasheed, a former Amnesty International prisoner of conscience.

Australia releases asylum seekers from detention

SYDNEY: Australia has rejected recommendations in a United Nations report urging it to repeal its policy of mandatory detention for asylum seekers who arrive illegally.
Canberra’s response to a UN review of rights in Australia released Monday said it is committed to providing protection to refugees in line with its international obligations.

But it rejected some of the 145 recommendations, including that it scraps the detention of boatpeople or limits their detention to six months and indicated that some children would remain locked up.
“The Australian government considers mandatory detention an essential component of strong border control, which manages risks to the community,” the centre-left Labor administration of Prime Minister Julia Gillard said.
It said asylum seekers were only detained if they were classed as unauthorised arrivals, presented unacceptable risks to the community, or repeatedly refused to comply with visa conditions.
“Mandatory detention is based on unauthorised arrival and not on individuals seeking asylum,” it added.
“Indefinite or otherwise arbitrary detention is not acceptable and the length and conditions  of detention are subject to regular review.”
In response to criticism that children were among thousands of asylum seekers housed in detention centres, the government said it had begun moving unaccompanied minors and vulnerable families into community-based accommodation while their immigration status is determined.
But in certain circumstances children may still be held in low-security facilities within the immigration detention network, it said.
“The government aims to relocate half of all children in immigration detention facilities to community-based accommodation by the end of June 2011,” it added.
Australia accepted the bulk of the recommendations of the January review, including that it should continue to combat the entrenched disadvantages of Aborigines.
But Ben Schokman, from the Human Rights Law Centre, said the government’s view on immigration issues was a “blight on an otherwise decent response”.
“It continues to deliberately ignore the growing chorus of international voices and authorities that are saying loud and clear that mandatory and prolonged detention, including of children, is simply not acceptable,” he said.

2G Scam : Granted bail and ordered to Kanimozhi

She's auditors in the country about $ 40bn (£ 24.5bn) that the cost of telecommunications licenses, conspiracy and accepting the bribe allegedly refusing an MIS-sale. Released on bail last week, executives at the company's five Supreme Court prospects had brightened after the release.

Among the 14 people charged with the former Telecom Minister A Raja said. They all deny any wrongdoing.

The maximum life Asif Balwa, Sarath Kumar, Karim Morani and Rajeev Agarwal - On Monday, the Delhi High Court granted bail to four other people.

In the southern state of Tamil Nadu DMK Party-run channel - TV by attorneys artist Ms. Kanimozhi $ 47.6m (£ 29.3m) are taking a bribe.

Last month, the Investigation (CBI), Central Bureau of Federal criminal conspiracy, corruption, including accepting a bribe and abuse of office, a number of figures accused.

Before the trial court "committed a deliberate crime, crime, economic crime and a very serious nature," it was refused bail, saying his.

Sarath Kumar, was given bail on Monday that one, who is managing director of the TV. Earlier this month, a special CBI court of inquiry began in Delhi. It is expected to be lengthy and complex. Some 150 witnesses are expected to appear. If convicted, defendants could face life imprisonment as a maximum.

Wednesday, Sanjay Chandra, Vinod Goenka, Gautam Doshi, Hari Nair and Surendra Pipara were granted bail by the Supreme Court. They belong to all telecommunications and related companies were arrested in May.

They were denied bail before the trial court and the Supreme Court. Telecom, which has suffered a series of corruption cases of government corruption, bad reputation, has been damaged.

Indian girls sold into slavery as $120

In the modern world is a strange experience. The women in the nation of $ 120 and selling a dirty move by India, the video clearly shows us. Today's educated, culturally rich Indian state, these functions makes disgraced us. It shows you pictures of Al - Jezeera Television

If you purchase one of two who get a chance to freely

All three of these photos in 1990 births in the same pregnancy. The three of them are reluctant to leave without it. So those three items together for one person might have a problem. Will the location of the law? Can you send a similar defeat in the three mangoes?

Dramatic and rare species of exotic

One of the beautiful creatures on your donations to the beaming God provided that we can not find the environment that we live many hundreds of millions of animals are found in the surrounding areas. Unique species of animals in such a beautiful color for the eyes to see the multi-core suffice to say that.

Credit Card debts Tips for setting

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Because your credit card debt is a lot of problems? How did you get confused by it? Then, you can easily solve your loans continue to be, so there are a few steps. First, you can settle your debts are the best way to find out.

The best thing is that you should minimize your extra costs. You do less shopping, you can easily do the loans that you have to do and then leave you with a cost, etc., go, go out to lunch or dinner there. You can easily solve your problem; you can take the help of consultants.

Next, you can quickly erase your extra work to pay off debts or make any part-time job to try to improve your income. A small effort to make your life easier going. These tips will help you settle your debts.

Meet and Enjoying both party in Srilanka as UNPF and UNP

There is not permanent enemy in Politics; there is no friend like era a chance to forget their differences and varying the Sri Lankan leaders to meet the wedding party, family celebration. If you enjoy watching that .

Meet and Enjoying both party in Srilanka as UNPF and UNP

There is not permanent enemy in Politics; there is no friend like era a chance to forget their differences and varying the Sri Lankan leaders to meet the wedding party, family celebration. If you enjoy watching that .

Entrants who applied for DV-2013.

There are various types of immigrant visas can qualify for a green card to apply, however, the green card lottery All the best, is very expensive. Diversity Visa (DV) than the other,

One of the main advantages of the DV program, which is a United States that are not funded Other major immigrant visas require a petition filed by a sponsor in the United States, who can be relatives, Boss, LPR (Legal Permanent Resident) or other eligible announced by United States Department of State to apply.

A legal citizen of the United States and is aimed to provide a lot of work has been worth trying.
Green card lottery applicants who can plan They are also a wife and a DV lottery enrolling children below age 21 years. Diversity visa to live and work in the United States provides a right for you. If you have time and language / system is capable of
, According to the rules of application for a green card Green card processing services that help you use it is recommended that a contact In their green card applications around the world.

Required to apply for a green card is not the same for all immigrants. Different types of visa are eligible cases and controls. When you apply for green card, green card application online you are confirmed by The Diversity Visa Immigrants are applicable.
Annual submission of plans that offer visa services, visa applications and product co-signing to follow Time / You do not have the skills to be a big help.

Confused about the different form types and the best methods to apply the greed card
Assistance of a qualified professional. You can fill the forms properly trained  professional without errors. DV controls and design necessary to ensure that they used the photos as complete without errors. By seeking the help of a professional, you can avoid rejection of the application silly errors to be avoided. Some advisory services provide air tickets for lottery winners Come and work in the United States found that their services, as well as the assistance was used.

The green card is an interesting, though, once you do, you can not leave the United States, including
Fear of losing your citizenship status. Of course, you have your green card in 10 years time to renew or transfer of United States law are to be compulsory.

When you get a green card, you can apply for government grants, and you. You can post your own job to do in the United States. Your property, gardens, houses, vehicles, and can not buy. When you meet the necessary conditions and your children, you must be qualified social security benefits Can easily obtain a green card. Even after your death, your family can continue to work and live in the United States with their
As a green card. Insurance than those in use, simple and cheap green card holder becomes Other immigrant visas.

You can vote for a green card, except the privilege of a common United States Citizenship All rights suffer.
You can clean a green card holder records from a number of years, if you, application process to apply for naturalization as a United States Citizen follows the guidelines set up an exclusive. Residents also have the right to vote nature. Naturalization status it enjoys great moral character. There is a long list of words and it is a smart move If your visa application process smoother and less garbled sign with services.

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What is the Green Card Lottery?

You act, the United States Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery (and "Green Card Lottery," "United States Visa Lottery called," or "United States Immigration and each year 50,000 diversity visas (" green card ") provides the know the lottery") . 

Green card lottery visas to the United States Visa Lottery grant successful participants to provide permanent housing and work through the situation. Our professional team will do this year to help your application process! Our company was founded in 1997 as the first, we have successfully helped thousands of applicants.

Woman suspected of cooking husband

Friday, November 25, 2011

Chopping his body into parts and try to get evidence against it is boiling, on suspicion of murdering her husband, a woman arrested in Pakistan.

Zainab Bibi, 42, an alleged sexual assault of his 17-year-old daughter to marry him because she killed her husband, Ahmed Abbas, officials said.
She attended the sleeping pills in his tea before dismembering him and strangled him with rope and sedated her husband, police said.

A bad smell coming from the neighbors complained about his house and then they discovered that her claim of conspiracy.
Bibi is a 22-year-old nephew, Zaheer Ahmad, Abbas and dismembering the body was arrested.
Shah Faisal police station where he was Pakistan's ARY news, from his cell that Bibi said: '. He dared to touch my daughter before I kill my husband? '
Who is on the ground floor of a two storey house alarm, Bibi is the owner of Green TownBehzad, and grew up.
He went on to complain that he is a very bad cooking smells upset coming from upstairs. 

"It occurred to me that I had to stop odor, spices spices and cooked in the areas of the body. '

'I made ​​a ditch, throwing things, it was a plan to do from there: But she added, as a result of food to eat, or others insisted it was not for food. I want to tell people that spoil it. '
He actually put his hand on Bibi is a drunk, but he admitted that when asked about her matters, Mr. Abbas was forcibly stopped on several occasions, according to his daughter.
An aluminum body and the body was found on Mr. Abbas.

Woman suspected of cooking husband by CNN_International

Strange creature to amplify the male species in the genus (Attached Video)

We understand that you are female gender Generates his race. But living in the sea on the male species, the walrus amplify his race. Tail race man of his eggs in the female reproductive eggs in bags. The male sea horses larvae, fry and keep it secure. This is where the larvae live for some time.

We'll see beautiful places of the universe

Living environment and the environment surrounding us and keep us eating. The man who is happy to see the beauty of living space decorated it. The man who is happy to see the beauty of living space decorated it. Set in the beautiful city we have in front of a man, if you will. We'll find it here.

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